Southeast Asia’s Biggest Internet Firm Has Laid Off 7,000 Workers — The Information

Sea Ltd. Has laid off more than 7,000 employees, or around 10% of its workforce, over the past six months. The company's shareholders include Tencent, BlackRock and T. Rowe Price. Sea had been seen as one of Southeast Asia’s tech success stories.
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1 weeks ago

Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision bid faces EU antitrust probe

EU regulators open full-scale investigation into Microsoft's $69 billion bid for Activision Blizzard. European Commission: Deal may significantly reduce competition on the markets for the distribution of console and PC video games, including multigame subscription services and/or cloud game streaming services. Microsoft is betting Activision’s stable of games will help it compete with Tencent and Sony.
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2 weeks ago

Tencent and China Unicom receive approval for edge computing joint venture · TechNode

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3 weeks ago

New Wearable Device Could Provide a Higher Touch Perception in VR Applications -

Tencent's Robotics X Laboratory and City University of Hong Kong created a wearable tactile rendering system that replicates touch sensations with high spatial resolution and a rapid response rate. The team implemented this device in a braille display and provided touch sensations in the metaverse for VR shopping and gaming. It has potential applications for astronauts, deep-sea divers, and those who must wear thick gloves.
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1 months ago

Black Shark Gaming Phone Faces A Large Layoff

Black Shark Gaming Phone Faces a large Layoff: the proportion of up to 50%. VR project is the hardest hit by the layoff, of which the VR project was laid off. Tencent did not acquire the BlackShark brand for their own game business to open up the hardware.
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1 months ago

Tencent: China tech shares sink as U.S

New U.S. Export control measures aimed at slowing Beijing's technological and military advances. Ban on certain semiconductor chips made anywhere in the world with US. Equipment. China's top contract chipmakers set to be hit by ban. Ban could also hit commercial data centres at Chinese tech giants Alibaba Group and Tencent.
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1 months ago

Bookrack for the week (Aug 21 to Aug 27)

The author tells the story of how Tencent created the golden era of Chinese technology and delves into key battles among Chinese entrepreneurs. True To Their Salt is not just a story of war and bloodshed but is also a scholarly survey of the professional layers that involved the running of a military.
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3 months ago

China's Tencent reports first revenue drop as gaming regulations and Covid-19 bite

Tencent said it had shut some unprofitable businesses and promised a return to growth even if the economy stayed weak. The contraction marks a nadir for the gaming giant and owner of the WeChat messaging platform. Chinese regulators lifted a nine-month freeze on gaming licences, but are yet to issue a new licence to Tencent.
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3 months ago

Tencent Q2 earnings preview: First quarterly revenue decline forecast

Tencent is expected to report June quarter revenue totaling 132.2 billion yuan ($19.5 billion), a more than 4% year-on-year decline. Net income is forecast to fall nearly 30% to 23.8 billion yuan. China's economy grew just 0.4% in the second quarter, missing analyst expectations.
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3 months ago

Tencent and Alibaba have lost more value this year than any other company in the world

Tech giant Tencent is set to record its first quarterly revenue decline since the 2008 financial crisis. Analysts predict sales will drop by 1.2% in 2022 to $188 billion, and Sony lowered its profit forecast.
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3 months ago

China regulator says Alibaba, Tencent have submitted app algorithm details

China's top internet watchdog published a list of 30 algorithms used in some of the country's most popular apps. Rules are part of a broad regulatory crackdown by Beijing against its once free-wheeling technology sector. State media had accused internet platforms of using algorithms to invade user privacy and influencing their choices.
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3 months ago

Bytedance: Alibaba, ByteDance share algorithm details with Chinese regulator - The Economic Times

Chinese tech giants Alibaba, Tencent and ByteDance submit details of algorithms used in some of their products. China's internet watchdog on Friday published a list of 30 algorithms that companies use to gather information on users and promote content or services. In March, China rolled out regulations obliging firms to disclose these tools as concerns grow about data misuse.
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3 months ago

China's government published a catalog of algorithms from 30 tech firms including TikTok's owner — but it's not clear how much it actually knows about them

China's internet regulator published a list of details about 30 tech companies' proprietary algorithms. The list includes algorithms belonging to companies including TikTok parent Bytedance, Alibaba, and Tencent. The document is part of a recent Chinese crackdown on tech companies, which have historically been reluctant to give out information about their algorithms.
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3 months ago

PUBG Mobile and Blackpink band to bring the first virtual concert

PUBG Mobile is reportedly hosting the first-ever virtual concert in July. The concert will feature a Blackpink- K-pop girl band. The virtual concert has been timed to coincide with the group's much-anticipated return to music next month. The Tencent-backed game is the second highest-earning mobile game worldwide.
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4 months ago

Chinese tech firms pledge to ban NFTs, cryptocurrency marketplaces

Tencent and Ant Group join a self-driven industry initiative to ban and fight speculation. Platforms that sell digital collectibles shall require real-name authentication of those who issue, sell and buy the assets. Do not contain financial assets or unlicensed financial products, including securities, insurance, credit and precious metals, in blockchain-supported goods.
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4 months ago