EA patent proposes AI system to punish you for fraternising with the enemy

A new patent from EA is meant to catch players on opposing teams who unfairly partner up before they can ruin the game for everyone else. The system would utilise an AI to sift through a wealth of player data and make judgments about whether their in-game behaviour constitutes collusion or not. Everything EA has on you would be fair game, even if you know each other on social media.
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5 hours ago

Cyber Monday Oculus Quest 2 deal: a headset and 2 great VR games for $90 off

Meta Quest 2 headset is the best and easiest way to play VR games today. This Cyber Monday deal includes two great free games for less than you'd normally pay for the headset. It also includes a free copy of Beat Saber, easily the most popular VR game, and Resident Evil 4 VR.
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15 hours ago

Now Zuckerberg's building AIs to destroy us meatbags in grand strategy games

Software called Cicero is the first AI to achieve human-level performance in the popular strategy game Diplomacy. Cicero played on webDiplomacy.nEt, an online version of the game, and achieved more than double the average score of the human players and ranked in the top 10 percent of participants who played more than one game.
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4 days ago

Splinter Cell goes free until the end of the month as devs reveal 'early concept art' from the remake

The original Splinter Cell launched on November 17, 2002, 20 years ago today. To mark the big birthday, Ubisoft is giving away the game for free right here on the Ubisoft Store. The company also shared an update on the state of the remake, which is still very early in development.
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1 weeks ago

The Pimax Portal is a Steam Deck and Quest 2 competitor all in one

Pimax is a brand known for making high-end VR headsets with massive fields of view. The new portal is being sold as the world's first metaverse entertainment system. It's going to market starting at $299 USD with the most expensive version currently listed at $599.
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2 weeks ago

Oculus co-founder creates a 'thought-provoking' VR headset that will literally kill you if you die in a game

The 'play-or-die' headset is a fictional event in the Sword Art Online series. It has three explosive charges embedded in it, positioned directly atop the user's forehead and connected to a narrow-band photosensor designed to detect a particular shade of red. Luckey says he has plans for an anti-tamper mechanism that will make it impossible to remove or destroy the headset.
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2 weeks ago

A single chip has managed to transfer the entire internet's traffic in a single second

Researchers from universities in Denmark, Sweden, and japan successfully showed a data transmission of 1.84 petabits over a 7.9Km fibre cable using just a single chip. The proposed system is very compact, with a large amount of data that we're sending through, essentially, less than a square millimetre [of cable]. If this seems fast and compact, it's only a matter of time before an even more integrated, speedier version is developed.
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1 months ago

The internet is mocking Meta for announcing its 'probably most requested feature': legs

Meta Connect's avatars will become bipedal at some point later next year. It's taking this long for Meta to conquer the lower 50% of the human body. The company also took the opportunity to unveil the Meta Quest Pro.
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1 months ago

The LotR: The Rings of Power intro has some undiscovered easter eggs

Plains of Yonder's intro hints at some easter eggs the eagle eyed among us should be looking out for. The concept is a nod to the world building efforts of the team. It's a fascinating phenomenon, and using it as a basis for the intro helps blur the lines between the world and our own.
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2 months ago

You could grab a $1899 VR headset for $499 in Pimax's birthday sales

Pimax offers great trade in deals for those wanting to stay on the cutting edge of VR. There are only 70 of these on offer, and only one will get the coveted pricey brand new crystal headset in the box. The deals are up to 25% off which brings a Pimax 8KX DMAS headset down from $1,387 to $1,049 USD.
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2 months ago

Trombone Champ looks next level with this VR mod

The indie is just oozing charm with its trombone rhythm action, bum notes, and plenty of baboons. It's always great to see an indie capture the attention of so many. The lack of precise options and the trombone's natural hilarity as an instrument make it extra special.
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2 months ago

Stellaris is going where no 4X has gone before: a roguelite VR spin-off

It's a full-on roguelite, replete with randomized maps and reshuffled discoveries. If you're deliberately playing alongside the pre-generated empires, your opponents are generated from the same bric-à-brac of ideologies and physical traits that you are.
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2 months ago

Legendary modder works to bring all Unreal Engine games to VR

Virtual reality is one of the coolest and most functional current next steps in gaming. Putting players into these virtual worlds can feel wondrous, Fast paced games are exhilarating, and scary games discover a whole new level of terrifying. But once again, modders are working to change all that.
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2 months ago

The Half-Life 2 VR Mod is out on Steam, so you can finally, literally, pick up that can

Half-Life 2: VR Mod entered open beta today and is now playable for free on Steam. It's compatible with the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. The mod does support full roomscale VR, but does not include teleportation.
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2 months ago

After killing internet forums, Discord is bringing them back

Forum channels are meant to help your community server hold organized, meaningful conversations without drowning each other out. Forums can be created with specific guidelines that steer the topic of discussion. Traditional forums work more like email threads, with people writing out entire thoughts.
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2 months ago

I've never seen art design like this in a survival horror game

The upcoming horror adventure game is a bit homegrown in that sense. It comes from Italian indie developer Santa Ragione. The game will be released on the Epic Store later this year.
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2 months ago

Dall-E 2 AI image generator is a surprisingly great fashion designer

Karen Cheng uses Dall-E 2 to generate designs over the top of some stills. She then feeds it a brief for each type of clothing, i.e. White overalls. It even did an alright job of matching the lighting, though she did have to sift through a good deal of bad designs.
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2 months ago

Upcoming AI image generator will run on an RTX 3080

Stable Diffusion is an image generation software that uses consumer level hardware. It runs on under 10GB of VRAM on consumer GPUs. The core dataset for the AI model comes from the 4,000 A100 Ezra-1 AI ultracluster.
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3 months ago