Lakers News: LeBron James Pulled A Babe Ruth Pregame In Hawks Victory - All Lakers

Former Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees great Babe Ruth famously appeared to predict a home run during an at-bat in Game 3 of the Yankees' 1932 World Series matchup with the Chicago Cubs. He hit a 91-year-old home run in the neighborhood of 490 feet down center field during the game. In the end of the day, the game is the game, and it's the game.
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1 months ago

PHOTO: Rare colorized 75-year-old picture of MLB legend and HOFer Babe Ruth is taking the internet by storm

New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth’s 75-year-old colorized picture has surfaced on the internet and has made baseball fans nostalgic. The photograph is from 1947, when Ruth was 53 years old, one year before he died. In the photo, Ruth is seen smoking a cigar while maintaining a serious look on his face.
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