Life on Mars? It could have dropped its teddy

The hiRISE is one of six instruments aboard the Orbiter. It snaps super-detailed pictures of the red planet helping to map the surface for possible future missions, either by humans or robots. The team has captured images of avalanches as they happened.
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1 weeks ago

South Koreans eat less carbs, more protein--report

Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey published by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. The average energy intake by Koreans per day was 2,129 kcal for men and 1,576 kcal for women in 2021. The percent of energy intake from carbohydrates dropped from 64.9 percent in 2012 to 59.4 percent in 2021, the agency said.
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2 months ago

Xi Jinping: China open to space exchanges, cooperation

President Xi Jinping reiterates China's wish to work with other nations to carry out space exploration and development. Xi wrote in a congratulatory letter to the United Nations/China 2nd Global Partnership Workshop on Space Exploration and Innovation. China has conducted a number of remarkable missions including the Chang’e lunar programs, the Tianwen 1 Mars expedition and the Tiangong space station program.
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2 months ago

70% of Singaporeans concerned about higher household expenses--study

Nearly 70 per cent of Singaporeans are concerned about higher household expenses. This is an increase of 11 percentage points from last year, owing to rising inflation and an uncertain economic climate.
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3 months ago

Climate activists glue hands to cover of Picasso painting

Two climate activists glued their hands to the perspex covering of Picasso’s antiwar painting “Massacre in Korea” in a Melbourne art gallery on Sunday. The 1951 Picasso work “shows the horrors of war,” Extinction Rebellion Victoria said on its Facebook page. The painting emerged unscathed.
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