Urfi Javed takes dig at Chetan Bhagat for his 'sexual' remark

Urfi Javed aka Uorfi in her latest post has taken a dig at Chahatt Khanna and Chetan Bhagat for commenting on her dresses. In the pictures, Urfi Can be seen wearing a black-cut dress in her own trademark fashion.
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2 months ago

Urfi Javed LASHES OUT At Chahatt Khanna For Supporting Chetan Bhagat: ‘If Ever A Man Harasses Your Daughters Remember Statement You Gave About Me'

Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi Javed lashed out at Chahatt Khanna after she came out in support of Chetan Bhagat. Urfi hit back at Khanna asking her to stop using her name for publicity. Javed penned a long note, dragging in Khanna’s daughters into the controversy. The Bade Achhe Lagte Hain actress said she is happy that people have started speaking up in public.
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2 months ago

Urfi Javed slams Chetan Bhagat for his derogatory remarks!

Urfi Javed slams Chetan Bhagat for his derogatory remarks. Urfi has found herself in the midst of yet another controversy. Recently, popular Indian author called out Urfi for ruining the minds of youth. Urfi responded by making remarks on Chetan's controversial past.
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2 months ago

Chetan Bhagat reacts to Urfi Javed's 'pervert' comment, clarifies viral Whatsapp chats with women

Chetan Bhagat called Urfi Javed a 'pervert' in a series of WhatsApp chats that went viral during the #MeToo campaign. Urfi took to her Instagram Stories and shared a video of the chats. Bhaggat later clarified that he'd been quoted out of context and that he hadn't said what he'd said.
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2 months ago

Chetan Bhagat responds to Urfi Javed’s viral WhatsApp screenshots, says ‘It’s fake’

Earlier the telly star replied to Chetan’s comments on her 'pics' by posting a series of screenshots. Chetan Bhagat has taken to Twitter to respond to it. He did not take her name in the post but what he said was enough indication of who it was directed towards.
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2 months ago

Uorfi Javed calls Chetan Bhagat 'pervert' after he says she ‘distracts youth’

Chetan Bhagat had recently spoken about Uorfi Javed, and said that the youth of this country, especially boys, were getting distracted by her. He also clarified that he never ‘criticised’ her. On Sunday, the author tweeted about the alleged WhatsApp messages that he was ‘spreading’ and called them 'fake'
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2 months ago

Times Now Summit 2022: Anupam Kher calls Shah Rukh Khan's DDLJ a gamechanger film

Times Now Summit 2022 Anupam Kher calls Shah Rukh Khan's DDLJ a gamechanger film. Kher is known for his bold attitude, outspoken nature, and how well he presents his thoughts each time. Chetan Bhagat moderated the session and was also joined by Rishab Shetty.
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2 months ago

Vineeta Singh talks about being criticised for her looks despite being a successful businesswoman

The 39-year-old is also the CEO of a luxurious cosmetic brand. She said that she has learned to ignore trolls as it helped her evolve. The judge said that whatever she posts online, is received with hate.
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6 months ago

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